SMART Customer Journey Management
Optimize visitor flows

Business Intelligence (BI)

Data is the most valuable raw material of the Digital Age - use your data for planning the future

Any interaction your visitor makes with the system is stored anonymously with a timestamp in the database. With the help of our standard reporting tools, your visitor flows can be evaluated in detail. Many customers use this data for resource planning or process optimization.

Your data base is constantly growing, enabling you to make more and more accurate forecasts of your visitor flows in the future based on current and historical data. This way, you can plan better to provide an optimal service experience for your visitors.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Role-based access to the reports about all locations within a client or about individual locations according to premission of the user
  • Statistics about visitors with distribution e.g. over weekdays as bar or pie chart
  • Filter options by years, months, days, configurable periods, locations or services
  • Manage future visitor flows through predictive analytics
  • Individual design of the views possible
  • Detailed data analysis with standard BI tools


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